Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Stupid, no good, darn test

So I definitely think know I failed my test. It was pretty ridiculous really. I kept flipping through the pages thinking it was going to get easier and it did NOT. FML!!! I guess they don't call it Level 3, Advanced Personal Training for nuttin!! It'll take about 2 weeks to find out the results and until then, I guess I'll keep studying...

We got out early yesterday and I fell asleep for about 2 hours.. I musta been tireeeed!!

Din din. Dun dun..(law and order)
Kefta kababs.
They were so delicious!!!
and a kefta pressed sandwich made with pita bread. Omph..I'm so full..

Breakfast this morning was clean and simple. Cereal, Muesli, blueberries, and strawberry/vanilla yogurt.
I'm actually excited to go to class today because we're learning about Nutrition. My favorite subject!!

Song of the day: Justin Bieber (yes, I said it. who knew, I actually dig his songs!! Plus, he's a cutie patootie!!!) "Up"