Monday, 28 February 2011

Back to Lahore!

T got free tickets to the Carling Cup Final 2011: Arsenal v. Birmingham City
We stopped inside the Champagne and Seafood bar to get a snack and drinks before the game. Fresh green beans, onions, potatoes, generous chunks of tuna and an egg on top.
Fresh peeled prawns. These little guys packed so much flavor.
Pesto covered potato salad.
The stadium was packed and a sea of blue (Birmingham) and red (Arsenal)
I swear I heard more from the blue side.
The game was very fast paced and exciting. I thought Arsenal had possession of the ball most of the time but Birmingham's defense stopped them from scoring more than once.

Celebration of Birmingham's first c
Birmingham FTW. What an awesome game. Final score: Birmingham 2; Arsenal 1

Dinner was at Lahore Kabab House. We decided to give them another shot. This time with an actual reservation :)
We were supposed to meet a friend there for dinner who had flown into town but as sort of expected, he didn't show up. What friend doesn't call or message and keeps us waiting? Grrr... thanks for proving us right. :-D Okay enough of my immature rant. Onto more important things like the great company we had instead and the tasty dinner.
We started off with the usual salad
Lamb samosas. Crispy and flaky with yummy minced lamb pouring out from the middle.
Delicious lamb chops. Very nicely cooked and tender.

Chicken tikka
Butter chicken. The sauce for this dish was muy bueno. Yummmmy!!
There was something about this saag paneer that tasted a bit off. It tasted sort of like vitamins maybe? Not my favorite..
Meat biyriani. The rice was very flavorful and had the perfect balance of spices.
My overflowing plate. Blergh. So full. Overall, I thought the food was pretty good. I still think my favorite is I'm glad we tried it though to wash that ugly taste from my mouth of having to wait for an hour the last time.

Agenda: BoxFit, work on nutrition homework, work on outdoor programme, relax :)