Monday, 28 March 2011


We went to Seoul Bakery yesterday after church for some Korean grub. Kimbap- the korean version of a sushi roll: rice, pickled radish, spinach, egg, carrots, and beef. The perfect protein, carb, and veggie combo. Kapow! :-D
Blurry bibimbap
T is mixin in the hot sauce ferociously! We both like it spicy.
My soondubuchigae.
It had a really nice kick to it.
T also had the chicken udon soup.

My pictures are a bit out of order. Dinner Saturday night was delivery florentina pizza.
Thin crust pizza you fold and enjoy. Yummy!!
Arancini balls. Fried rice and cheese balls. They weren't very good :(
Dessert was fantastic. It was a honeycomb cheesecake with crunchie pieces. The cheesecake bit wasn't overly sweet and it had a perfect balance of sweet and savory with the crust.

Breakfast Sunday morning was scrambeled eggs with rice and lentils
Dinner Sunday night was @ Thai Aubergine. We started off with the tempura vegetable dish with sweet chili sauce to dip. Who doesn't like fried vegetables? I like vegetables in all forms!
Veggie spring rolls: crispy and VERY hot on the inside. Eat with caution. Delicious tho!
Prawn curry. Mmm.. this was my favorite dish of the night. The curry was amaaaazeeeeeeee--baaalls! It was sweet and had that perfect coconut flavor. Wowza. Yes. More of that please.
Prawn pad thai.
Coconut rice. The rice was sticky and very fluffy.
Beef randang. The sauce wasn't very flavorful so I was a bit disappointed with this dish.
Mixed seafood dish.
Salmon curry. We wolfed down everything and ordered two more rice. I would definitely recommend Thai Aubergine. I will be going back for sure!
We got flowers and chocolates!
I luurve flowers :-D They make me so happy and anxious for summer!

  • I've somehow managed my caffeine addiction and haven't had a cup of coffee in two weeks. Praise the Lord!! 
  • The weather in London is getting nicer! Aka its warmer and it hasn't rained in like 5 days. 
  • Visit to the States coming up in a month
  • Everyone is in good health and spirits :)