Friday, 1 April 2011

Iranian food

I made the most delicious scrambled eggs yesterday morning. The trick I found out was to use a tablespoon of butter on a hot skillet and waiting for the butter to foam a little before adding the eggs. Sounds silly that I haven't made eggs like these before but I guess I just forgot how to do it! I then scrambled them for a minute and when they were just about done, I added a splash of milk for extra creaminess. The avocados went nicely on the side for a healthy fat addition.

I was in a baking mood yesterday. I tried my hand at Hummingbird's red velvet cupcake. We recently bought the second cookbook that they released.
Red color=check, cream cheese frosting=check, moist=check, flavor=???? meehhhh
The cupcakes turned out very moist but the flavor was just a tad bit off. I swear British measurements are going to kill my baking habits. I had the toughest time with the (g) measurement! lol..

Lunch: I had some shrimp that needed to be used and some leftover brown rice so I decided to make a stirfry.
I sauteed some onions and garlic...
added in the shrimp and brown rice with some roasted veggies straight outta da oven.
 excuuuse my dirty table..

Breakfast this morning prior to my run: Yogurt with granola, walnuts, tablespoon of almond butter and dates.
I added in some dates for some fast releasing energy for my run this morning. I haven't run in 3 months and boy was I feeling it. Sad that I could only run for 20 minutes!! Slowly but surely I know my body will get back into shape..Sigh..I also went to yoga this morning. This was my third ever yoga class and I actually felt like I did something this time around. Usually, yoga has made me feel sleepy and lethargic so I never got into it. I know this is not the case for all yoga classes so I think I'll keep giving it a shot. I definitely feel I worked my muscular endurance; holding poses until my muscles ached!

After yoga, a friend took me out for Persian food @ Anar.
She ordered us a mixed grill platter of chicken, lamb, and steak. It was all VERY good!! The bread underneath that the meats came on was also very flavorful from the meat juice dripping down. It soaked up all that amazing flavor. Mmm MMM!

with some yogurt dipping sauce for the meat and rice
What a delicious spread. My belly was very happy this afternoon :)

Fingers crossed: I might have a zumba teaching gig in a few weeks.
Fun schtuff: I just ordered my first shipment of Zumba material: Shoes, tops, cd case, bag. YIPPEE!
Better start memorizing that choreography!!