Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny day atop Primrose Hill

Honestly, this is the sloppiest picnic spread I've seen in my life. Shame you can't really make out anything because there was lots of good stuff. We had baguettes, German bread, cheeses, jams, chips, guacamole, spicy sausages, shrimp, sandwiches, hummus, cupcakes, and prosciutto along with lots of beverages. Since making the decision to lower my alcohol consumption; I've discovered a lot of different fruity beverages that I missed out on while drinking lots and wine :) I had some sparking elderflower and grape juice. Yum!
It was such a beautiful sunny day on top of Primrose Hill. It was also a bit chilly towards the end. My legs were frreeezing! Grrrr.. I blame my poor circulation for that one!!
A perfect day for a nap as well.

T made Earl Grey cupcakes from the Hummingbird cupcakes cookbook. They turned out delicious albeit a little smooooooshed.

After spending about 4 hours on top of Primrose, we can back home and watched Marley and Me with some delivery pizza
Veggie pizza

w. some garlic bread
and bbq wings..
Whaddu looking at?! I was trying to get a picture of Sonoma intently staring at T patiently waiting for some food.

Breakfast this morning was some toast w. crunchy peanut butter, blackcurrent jam, and seeds w. wheat germ on top.
It's another glorious day out in the L-town hood. I'm going to go enjoy it :)