Monday, 2 May 2011

Merkato Islington

We finally ventured out of our flat last night to grab dinner in the outside world (we've literally spent all weekend in the house!). I guess our neighborhood has a high population of Ethiopian people because there are 3 restaurants within a 1 mile radius. The hubs wanted to go back to the one he tried with a friend last year because he thought it was better than the last one we had tried.
Poor Noms was not happy to be left alone. Check out my new Nikon camera pictures.. ha! Its actually not my camera. My battery is kaputz so I'm temporarily using the hubby's. He so NOT  graciously lent me his for the time being. :-D
Different toppings on top of the Injera bread. I love this big platter of Injera bread. It's spongy in texture and sour in taste=very good!
Veggies: lentils, spinach, cauliflower, green beans

Chicken and an egg smothered in this delicious brown sauce. It looks sort of like sloppy joe mix but it definitely doesn't taste like it. I can't really describe the taste of Ethiopian food. It's a taste my mouth is not very familiar with. It's very good though.
tender chunks of lamb and onions in a very spicy sauce. You can also ask for it mild.
All scooped up by using the rolled up injera bread or your fingers. Delicious! I definitely preferred this restaurant over the first one I tried. We both agreed that the flavors of each dish were more distinct and tastier than the other restaurants muddled flavors.

Last night consisted of a CSI marathon. I'm now addicted to this show. Good thing I have like 10 plus seasons I can watch!
Breakfast this morning consisted of HBE.
Spread over toast with seeds and germ on top.

Time to get my Korean study on. I'm back to taking Korean II on Wednesday nights. I have A LOT to catch up on. Blergh.