Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pasha restaurant

I was still hungry after breakfast yesterday so I snuck in some extra fruit and protein and proceeded to go back to bed for another hour. I haven't been sleeping that much lately and its finally catching up to me- my body is T.I.R.E.D!

Workout: Punch class- whoop whoop ! I'm a little miffed at myself because I think I have a bad punch. My hands have been hurting after I go to class, specifically my fingers. I must be hitting the pad incorrectly- GRR! My teacher suggested wraps but I thought isn't that a little hardcore? The only people I see wearing wraps are those with these intense looks on their faces. :-P maybe I'll give em a shot because I think we have some pink ones somewhere. ha!
Pret a Manger tuna and cucumber sandwich and sweet chili sunchips for lunch. Yum!
more fruit in the afternoon..

T and I tried a new Persian Turkish restaurant in Angel called Pasha. I kept thinking we were eating Persian and I DON'T KNOW WHY!!
I had a really good dining experience here. The service was really prompt and friendly and the food was delicious!
Red wine for me x2! I was in a wine- y mood!
we ordered the mixed mezza sampler to start
This was probably my least favorite. It was some kind of salmon roe which tasted really fishy. It wasn't very pleasing to my tastebuds.
hummus- you can't go wrong with it. So creamy and delicious w. the pita bread they gave us.
some type of bean, potato, and carrot mixture in a tomatoey sauce.
cool yogurt and cucumber dip
cous cous
Spicy turkish sausage, phyllo dough filled with cheese and spinach, and a crispy courgette fritter. It was oily but SO GOOD!
seabass with potatoes, broccoli, peppers wrapped and presented in tin foil. The broth was tomato based and really light and flavorful. A simple yet delicious way to eat seabass. I'm glad we ordered the fish entree instead of two meat dishes. I'm getting a bit meated out (yes, I know that's not a word!)
lamb shank with potatoes and carrot. The broth tasted very similar to the seabass but the meat was so tender and melted in your mouth- Mmm Mmm!!

Breakfast prior to a doctor's appointment and DA GYM!
1/2 a sesame bagel w. cream cheese and scrambled eggs
grubbin on some fruit.

Time to get a cleanin!