Thursday, 23 June 2011


We accidentally stumbled upon this cute Italian restaurant on Goodge street for dinner Monday night. T hates dropping in to restaurants without knowing its reputation but since it was getting pretty late, we decided to tempt fate!
I had some high hopes..
bottle of red to start
their cheese garlic bread was out of this world good! It wasn't on the menu but we asked them to put mozzarella cheese on it; they graciously obliged
calamari with a squeeze of lemon. The calamari pieces were nice and hearty- cooked really well!
I had the spaghetti with lobster and it was DIVINE. I thought the sauce was amazing- perfect balance of tomato and creme (sometimes the sauce can be too tomato-y!). Some of the lobster pieces were a tab bit chewy but overall I really enjoyed the dish
T's breaded veal and spaghetti bolognase

We arrived at Wimbledon the next morning at 10 and we were with some 9,000 people who had already arrived.
No Mr. End of Queue man!! We were told that we might not get in til 5 p.m. but we took our chances.
People had already started camping to get in the next morning- crazy peeps!
the line was long but at least the weather held up.
We finally got in around 3 p.m.
I loved how super close you could get to the players. General admission all the way baby!

Woo Hoo!! H.O.T.T.I.E!!! ;-)
I'm not exactly sure who these players are but hey it was fun to watch them play.
Everyone was cheering for this Rik guy from South Africa. Geez "go rik" "yeah rik" "you can do it rik"
boys will be boys!

I was super stoked to see Sharpova on center court. We got amazing tickets through the ticket resale line- I think we were the closest out of anyone in our group. Ammaazeballs!! She killed it and I mean literally won the match in two sets. :-D
Bummer that I couldn't get better pictures even from how close we were!!! Stupid lens!

Maria serves crazy fast!
I got to hear her famous grunt in person-its not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean she hits the ball pretty hard so I think the sounds are justified.
the match was over in about an hour!

Everyone was in a great mood after the match- what fun times!
strawberries and creme- a wimbledon must eat. It was alright actually, I expected the strawberries to be sweeter. I don't really like just plain creme on strawberries. Maybe if it was whipped creme? he he he..

T and I got back and were STARVING. We picked up some kebabs from our local place.

grilled haloumi cheese

It's been a tiring but really fun week since T's family has been here. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the house is quiet!!

Agenda: nap, zumba, Kings of Leon!!