Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Soakin the feet

teach zumba= starvin marvin! We had Waitrose ready made prawn linguine with some cous cous and lamb sausage.
It might be random but it all tasted tomato based and was very good. I don't remember eating.. only inhaling..

Breakfast this morning:
bread, eggs, hummus-------- HUMMUS?! for breakfast? hummus and eggs?!
surprisingly, the combination of eggs and hummus worked. I ate the eggs and dipped the bread in hummus. So delicious!
for your viewing pleasure..
or just mine :-)
I can't help but surrender to her PUPPY DAWG eyes! Gets me every time man...
Happy I lurve Hanna day. I've been complaining about my aching feet so much that T surprised me with a lil gift!
Time to soak the bad boys!

Exciting news of the morning: I just registered for an Open Day to inquire about becoming a Nutritional Therapist. It's been a thought in the back of my head for a very long time. I've debated doing something in the nutrition field, whether it is to become a dietician, nutritionist, or a nutritional therapist. Registering for an open day means I'm one step closer to making a final decision!!
More deets on the program:
One of my favorite nutrition authors Patrick Holford is the founder of ION!