Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sore abs

Holy smokes my abs are S-O-R-E today!! I feel it everywhere, even in my sides!! Its the kind of soreness where it even hurts to laugh so nothing funny today! :-) I love the feeling though because it means I actually worked something!
We spent last night inside-- I can't complain w. a bottle of prosecco!
We made some ready made Bingham's salmon and haddock fish cakes and a fish pie. I also sauteed some peppers and microwaved brown rice.
the fish cakes were alright- sort of bland though even with the mayo dipping sauce.
I enjoyed the fish pie- it had some salmon and another kind of white fish with creamy mash potatoes. Yum!
I had some dates w. almond butter this morning thinking I was going to go for a run but it started raining.. HARD! :( Boo! I guess it meant I could have a real breakfast w. T

Sonoma was all upset too because we were going to take her to the Heath so she could run around but she's stuck inside with nothing but a yoga matt to lay on :**(
Cheese and onion 2 egg omelette w. truffled quail egg on top.
on top of hummus spread toast
It was mighty delicious!!

Agenda: practice some routines for zumba, relax, lunch, read more of my book (The Help-it's really good!!)