Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Skin I Live In

evoo, salt, pepper, minced fresh garlic
after a successful PUNCH class, I was craving a salad for lunch. I peered into Pret a Manger for a split second but wasn't really feeling anything in there so I came home to find a sirloin steak in the fridge just waiting to be used!
a bed of herb salad with rocket leaves
portobellini mushrooms
these mushrooms have so much more flavor and are meatier than just plain button mushrooms.
I spread some goat cheese on top of the steak a few minutes prior to taking it out of the oven. Goat cheese + steak= brilliant!!
it was missing a little something something...
a HA! A squeeze of siracha and honey balsamic dressing did the trick!
I couldn't resist an afternoon shortbread, caramel, and chocolate bar. yummy!!

The movie last night was awesome! I really enjoyed seeing it at the Somerset House. If you aren't aware, Somerset house has an outdoor area that turns into a movie theater during the summertime. Its usually a place where people can chill out in the sun during the day. When the weather is actually nice, I've seen kids play in the water that shoots up from the ground . We saw "The Skin I live in" last night and it was the strangest plotline I had ever seen but it was a really great movie. I highly recommend watching it! Bonus, we also got to see Pedro Almodovar and one of his movies stars Elena Anaya (beautiful!!) in the flesh! I won't lie, he was a bit hard to understand with his thick accent but it was really cool all the same.
Note to self: Bring blanket next time!
We unfortunately forgot to bring blankets so we sat on the cold hard ground!
Breakfast this morning: I decided to forgo the carbs and have scrambled eggs w. sauteed mushrooms. I might have had some McDonalds healthy fruits and veggies last night. ;-)
snack prior to hitting the gym later in the morning/afternoon

Workout: 8-10 reps
  • Incline bench press
  • Lateral raise
  • Rest 2 minutes and repeat 2x
  • Incline lat pulldown
  • Cable reverse flye
  • Rest 2 minutes and repeat 2x
  • Gym ball jackknife
  • Gym ball alternating superman
  • Rest 1 minute and repeat 2x
mmmm.. I was craving Chilangos!
its somewhat healthy! I got the grilled chicken salad with pinto & black beans, chix, tomatoes, medium salsa, and lettuce
I also added an additional topping of cottage cheese at the last minute. It was really delicious on top!

Agenda: research, study, teach zumba, relax!

Holy crapballs! This season looks insane and I love it!! :-D muhahahaha