Friday, 12 August 2011

HIIT me baby one more time

I did a HIIIT workout yesterday for a total of 12 minutes and am shocked at how sore I am today!! Wasn't expecting that one..I set my gymboss for a 3 rounds of 1 minute intervals and repeated this circuit 3 times with a 2 minute rest in between.
  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds knees to elbows and 30 seconds knee twists to opposite elbow)
  • Lateral shuffle and reach
  • V Sits
  • Burpees
I had double the workout yesterday because I also taught Zumba later that night. Waaa hoo!!
Yesterday's lunch was a siracha fest. Roasted turkey on a bed of greens, cous cous, and lots of red stuff.
It was a pretty tasty and healthy lunch. Preparing healthy meals are so much easier when most of the work is done for you. I popped the turkey in the oven, laid out a bed of pre washed salad,Waitrose ready made cous cous and when the turkey was ready, I just placed it on top!

Dinner was made by T
oven baked rainbow trout w. asian seasonings, mushrooms filled with goat cheese, artichoke pieces, and truffle oil. YUM! The mushrooms were SO good.. I was sad there were only 2 pieces :(
I had eggs this morning but by mid morning I was hungry again so I made myself another goat cheese and
tomato sauce snack. I'm on such a goat cheese kick lately.. it's such a mild and creamy cheese!

Workout this morning: Tone It Up's Beach babe workout
I set my gymboass timer for 30 second intervals, 8 rounds and rest 2 minutes after the set. Complete 2 more times
  • frog jumps
  • side lunges with twist, 30 secs each side
  • walk out with knee push ups (I did 1 minute of these because I couldn't fit that many in only 30 seconds!!)
  • high knees
  • waistline crunches, 30 seconds each side
I also did 3 sets of 10 reps of Tone It Up's arm workout
  • Bicep curl to shoulder press
  • Front raise and lateral raise
  • Bent over row to rear fly
  • Tricep kickbacks
My arms were burning by the end!!!
leftovers for lunch.. sadly I tried to recreate the stuffed mushrooms but they just didn't taste very good!
Since our usual cleaning lady is out of town, I spent most of the afternoon cleaning our flat. It took nearly 3 hours and I still feel like it isn't at its best!

Time to read my Chemistry book, sweeeetness!