Thursday, 18 August 2011

Brown gluten free bread

gluten free lunch:
  • brown rice
  • kale and spinach sauteed in siracha (btw-I looked up siracha and apparently its GF!) and soya sauce
  • oven roasted chicken w. herbs and butter
Thank heavens for veggies and BROWN rice! I think if rice had gluten in it, I woudn't be able to go GF..Gasp!!! I'm Asian and I can't live without my rice!!

After Zumba, I came home to dinner.. oh dinner where are you underneath all that red sauce?
I had a little bit of this and a little bit of that
  • veggies
  • chicken
  • beef
  • brown rice
Yes, I had two meats but I made sure they were both the size of my palm!!
smothered in sirachaaaaa

After dinner, I watched the Zin 34 cd. As Zumba instructors, we get new dvds/cds every other month with new songs and choreography (for the dance routine challenged like ME!!). This month's dvd featured the live class from London that I just happened to MISS because I went back to the states---sad face :(. Beto made a surprise appearance too! I was a bit surprised I liked the music because it didn't seem like many people were fond of it. Maybe its just the American in me but I love, Love LOVE the hip hop and reggaeton tracks! Oh and the Latin tracks are amazing as always! Can't wait to start memorizing the steps...

I woke up this morning ready to tackle the day with my Gluten-Free bread I ordered from Ocado yesterday. Sweetness!! I love trying new products. Lots of love today..

I had the standard eggs, hummus, and bread for breakfast.
hey! the bread is pretty pleasant tasting. I definitely noticed a different texture but it still felt like I was eating regular bread. I think its meant to be dipped in something like hummus ;) or maybe spread with jam. This GF experiment for a month just might not be that bad!!

Song of the day:
Trey Songz feat Drake- Unusual