Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Zumba clothing love

I may have an addiction to Zumba clothing.. it's nothing serious.. YET...
I ordered these on Sunday and got my shipment on Tuesday. Holy schmokes that was fast!
After 3 orders, I've learned that all the tops run a bit small. I'm normally a medium and sometimes a large if the chest area is too tight but in Zumba gear; I'm an extra large baby!
I ordered 6 new tops and some bracelets
hahahhaa... I feel like I'm back in middle school w. these bracelets.
When I ordered this on Ocado, I thought they were for adults! Little did I know that they are specifically for little children. Organic chilli yum yum-- can't get more obvious than that..
the portion size was reaaaly tiny but the chilli flavor was spot on! I might have added some hot sauce for an extra zing ;)
GF jammies for dessert
aaand an extra portion of leftovers since I was still hungry at about 4 p.m.. No way I could get through teaching Zumba AND going to a salsa class on an empty stomach!
I got home at 11:30 after some drinks with friends and T got home at around the same time=perfect time for an almost midnight snack! Cheese and prawn omelet deliciousness..
Breakfast this morning for two..
hoping this apple with peanut butter will keep me satiated til after PUNCH class this afternoon.

Agenda: I've decided to find a football (soccer) team to follow this year. I've been in London for almost 2 years and still haven't gotten into the scene here and I'm asking myself WHY NOT!? The hubby is heavily pressuring pointing me towards supporting the Tottenham Hotspurs but I'm not sure yet.. Gotta do some of my own research!

New workout music (if you like rap!)- Bad Meets Evil 

*****Sending my love and warm fuzzies to my childhood bestie in Chicago who just gave birth to a beautiful daughter!*****