Saturday, 27 August 2011

Samba Swirl
Frozen yogurt my love!!!
When I went back to Chicago in May, the only thing missing in my life when I came back was self serve frozen yogurt and my family. I had a hunch that it would come over to London soon enuff and here it is! Sweetness!!!
We just happened to be on a bus on our way to lunch when I saw someone handing out free yogurt samples. I told T that we would be making a stop here on our way back but little did I know that it was going to be SELF SERVE (or else I would have made him get off the bus at that moment! ha!).
flavors- peanut butter, dulce de leche, and vanilla
toppings- strawberries, mango's, pineapples, pecans, dark chocolate chips, and sprinkles
Dinner last night was takeaway Korean food. Everything was good but not great.
We had dak bulgogi (Korean style bbq chicken), beef bi bim bap, and shrimp tikka masala that the hubs prepared on the side.
spicy veggie sides because of course what would a Korean meal be without the staple kimchi!

Our night consisted of watching The Other guys and then falling asleep reading in bed :).
cheesy but I found myself laughing almost the whole time!
Breakfast then its gym time!
I tried another GF bread but this time it was from Sainsbury. I think I almost prefer this one to the other brand because it didn't have a strong rye bread taste like the other one did. I appreciated the more subtle flavor.
I swear I'll master sunny side up eggs one of these days! I almost always end up undercooking the egg whites and overcooking the yolks.. bah!!
At the gym yo: I concentrated on my legs and shoulders, 3 sets, 8-10 reps
  • step ups 
  • seated dumbbell overhead press
  • walking lunges
  • barbell upright row
  • standing hip extension on pulley machine
  • standing dumbbell lateral raise
  • quadraped hip extensions
  • rear deltoid flyes on stability ball

Check out that amazing purplish/blue color! In the mix:
  • almond milk/soy milk
  • frozen banana
  • 3/4 cup blueberries
  • agave nectar
  • scoop of chocolate whey powder
  • toppings: 2 tablespoons of maple cranberry muesli and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips
sigh... no more beer (Gluten alert!!) for me but at least T still gets to indulge..We tried a new Japanese restaurant in Angel on Essex road called Akari . He was super excited because they had Japanese beer on tap.. psh! Ask me why I care :-P Okay, it was still pretty cool because Akari used to be a pub and it still looks like one from the inside out. Quite an interesting Japanese dining setting.
We started with a wonderful strong flavored miso soup
deluxe sushi platter- fresh fish nigiri that included UNI!!
I ate everything aside from the fried shrimp tempura roll (fried foods=gluten!)
spicy tuna handrolls- It tasted differently than all the other spicy tuna handrolls I've had. T mentioned that it tasted pretty vinegar-y but I still thought it was delicious!
boiled chicken bowl with a sweet, amazing tasting broth and caramelized onions.

I stopped into Planet Organics to do a little perusing of the aisles for GF products. God, I love health food stores.. aaaand did I tell you how much I love health food stores?? If T wasn't with me, I probably could have spent hours in this tiny grocery store (lots of different and unique products!!)
I only bought 2 things (I could almost feel the hubs gawking, mouth gaped open at all the higher marked goods)
I bought coconut oil to try out because I read and heard nothing but great things about coconuts. Here's some health benefits of CO

Song of the day: Beyonce "Best Thing I Never Had"