Monday, 12 September 2011

Making my mouth water

Yesterday, we went over to the MIL's house and she prepared us an amazing lunch of rice, chicken, beans, egg rolls, and salad. I don’t throw around the word amazing just because she's my MIL; in fact, I would be honest and tell you if the food wasn't that good for one usual reason or the other. Everything was so delicious that I had thirds and left beyond stuffed!
The table was already set when we arrived.
Looking at this right now at 9 a.m. the next day makes my mouth water, literally!
a simply dressed salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots.
this bean dish was very comforting and delicious. It consisted of beans, tomatoes, pureed carrots, and celery.

Seriously.. keep me away from these fried, amazing "egg rolls." I swear I had like 3 but could have eaten 4, 5, 6... There were two kinds, one with meat and the other with cheese. I had 2 meats and 2 cheese. Yuuuumm!!!
This chicken and rice dish was so delicious- the chicken was fall off the bone tender and the rice very flavorful-- I'm not sure what kinds of spices she used, but the rice was so tasty!! So glad she gave us leftovers ;)
assorted cookies and tea for dessert.

After the meal, the rest of the day was spent as a lazy Sunday afternoon. I really wanted to watch the Bears game last night but I had no one to go with :( This is probably my LEAST favorite part about living in the UK. I don't really have anyone to watch American sports with and its kind of a pain for many reasons
1.) Games usually air at 12, 3, or 6, and if its anywhere in the latter time period and it's a Sunday, I don't really want to stay up that late!
2.) We usually have to leave home to watch a game
3.) Only certain games air at specific bar or dining locations
4.) Ordering sports channels online or on tv costs more money
5.) Ordering the sports channels at home doesn't guarantee a game will even be showing! 

On a more positive note: my team won!!

At least a sushi dinner made up for the lack of any football action in the house..
We ordered delivery from My Sushi Club through just
I thought everything was delicious and probably the best delivery Japanese food we've ordered through Just Eat.
the chicken katsu stayed crispy through the delivery process-- score!! The only downside to this dish was that there wasn't any sauce to accompany the chicken. I was impressed with the amount of veggies that were underneath, everything ranging from peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini.
On my plate was: spider roll, salmon and avocado roll, spicy tuna (fav!!) handroll, eel and avocado handroll, salmon and seabass nigiri-- the salmon was good but I wasn't a fan of the seabass, and a piece of spicy yellowtail gunkan

After dinner, I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife. Yes, I must have been that desperate. At least it was entertaining!

Breakfast time: What's a girl to do when there are no eggs in the house?!? Make buttermilk pancakes of course!
one chocolate chip and 1/2 a regular pancake
doused in real Vermont maple syrup-- nothing beats it!!
Whoop Whoop- I got my delivery this morning! I'm so cheap that I bought a youth sweatshirt in a large size, lol..
Hat- check, Sweatshirt-check.. Bring on October 23 baby!!