Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I found a Saltines substitute!

Sunday night's game was awesome! Being at Wembley stadium for an NFL game, a CHICAGO game especially was beyond words for me. The Bears pulled off a win even though they played like crap and Cutler.. gee.. What can I say about him that probably hasn't already been said. He sucked. I still had a lot of fun though, and that game will be seared into my memory for a long time to come.

Some pics from the game:
We got lucky to have such a gorgeous day. I only needed two layers!
I was pleasantly surprised at how many British accents I heard with jerseys on. I guess some Brits do watch American football!

I love seeing players pray before the game. How endearing.
throwing it back to the early 90's with a little Goo Goo dolls

Sad that this was probably the most decoration the Bears had on the field. Since the Bucs had home advantage, there was a ton of complimentary Bucs flags waving about.

at least Staley made it!

It was actually quite funny at the start of the game because there was this little squirrel stuck on the field. He kept running into the end zone, then up to the middle of the field, and then turning back to the end zone as if he didn't know where to run. I swear people cheered when the squirrel made it back into the end zone, as if it had made a touchdown itself! Lol..  Eventually I lost track and am assuming the squirrel made its way off the field.
the shirtless man that made it on to the field for quite some time before getting tackled.
he managed to high five some players on the field which was hilarious!
narrowly missed the first tackle
but eventually was brought down.. HARD
the end=Bears win!
It was nice to get win in a stadium full of Bucs fans. Whoop Whoop! :-)
look who was waiting for us on the bed!! :-) Okay, so we put her on the bed.. what a cutie!!
I was really excited to find this on Ocado recently. Since the UK doesn't have saltine crackers, I was recently looking for a good substitute and this is perfect! It's a big heartier than a saltine, since I think Saltines flake more in your mouth, but it's very similar in taste! Me=happy! Now I have something to snack on eat soup with!
I steamed some kale with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. mmm.. It felt good to be eating some dark leafy veggies again!
plus ranch covered salad
chili prawn pasta with steamed spinach for dinner
a bit oily but delicious nonetheless!