Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Surprise 30th

My computer and internet sucks at life right now so these are the only pictures I can put up of T's surprise 30th Birthday party. I led T into thinking we were going to the Albion for a friend's husbands birthday dinner, and lo and behold, I manged to keep a surprise until the very end (or so he says!). Everyone gathered at the pub at 6:00ish and I brought him by at 6:30. I was pleasantly surprised that the group managed to get together and yell surprise as soon as he walked in. Props to whoever coordinated the group!

I was really happy with the turnout. Kudos to planning a month or so in advanced!
I ordered the roast pig for T since he had mentioned wanting to do that with friends. The event planner said it would be feed 15, but I knew it would feed more!
We ended up with a huge bag full of leftovers- ha!
my plate with all the delicious sides.
they gave T the head to play with, and somehow it ended up being the star of the party for a while.

On Sunday afternoon, we went over to T's moms house for some home cookin. She always makes the most amazing spread of food. Drool...

T made us dinner last night with the beef I bought from the Korean grocery store.
spicy Korean marinated beef with bean sprouts and spinach.
Yum! It was so good and hit the spot for my craving for Korean food. Here's to hoping the next 2 weeks go by fast. I'm anticipating some good news next Thursday. Time to get my study on. Quiz in Chemistry tomorrow!