Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chicago trip

Yay! My baby boy is growing!! As of January 19, he was 1lb1oz. Here is a cute picture frame my mom got for the babes.
2 nights ago, I accompanied Tarek into the city for his interviews. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency because we got a really great rate on Priceline's name yo own price but we ended up getting screwed in parking; it was 53 BLEEPin dollars!!! Thankfully we were only staying there one night before moving on to the Day's Inn (much better and cheaper stay) in Lakeview. 
As if spending money for parking wasn't enough, I had T order us room service for breakfast. I don't know what I was thinking since I wasn't feeling too great from the other nights food. I could barely finish my breakfast :(

On Tuesday, I checked in to the Day's Inn while T was at his interviews. I was super stoked to find a Trader Joe's across the street from the hotel since I haven't been to one in TWO YEARS!! Sigh.. it feels SO good to be back!!
Unfortunately, this is one of the few times where choosing healthy isn't necessarily better. To be honest, everything tasted like crap!
I just wasn't feeling this "Super Spinach Salad". All the ingredients were fresh but it all just tasted too cold (if that makes ANY sense) and really unflavorful.
Ewww.. these spicy California rolls were pretty disgusting. The brown rice was hard, chewy, and had a really weird vinegar taste to it.
Sigh.. the only redeeming quality to the lunch was a few chewy chocolate chip cookies. I swear TJ's usually doesn't let me down!! After eating, I laid down with a stomach ache and before I knew it, T was back and ready to eat dinner.
Kalbi and shrimp tacos
We managed to sneak out to a new place for dinner called Del Seoul in Lakeview, a Korean street food restaurant that opened up after we left London. http://delseoul.com/index.php. My tastebuds weren't all there but from what I could make of it, everything tasted pretty good!
pork dumplings
On our last day in Chicago, my appetite finally returned and I was craving a sandwich/soup combo. Luckily there was a deli within walking distance to our hotel. I ordered a really delicious pastrami and chicken matzo ball soup. Yummy!! 
Matzo ball as BIG as yo head!! http://www.francesdeli.com/
For your viewing pleasure... Sonoma's back! We got her a new coat while we were in the city.