Friday, 2 March 2012

Post bar dinner at Gyu-Kaku

On Wednesday night, we went out to celebrate my brother's completion of the Illinois bar exam- whoop whoop! T chose to take him to Gyu-Kaku in Chicago, a Korean influenced Japanese "do it yourself" bbq restaurant. Gyu-Kaku is clever and they use a smokeless roaster which doesn't make your clothes reek of what you ate on the way out. Score!
they ran out of the tuna poke and offered us this slightly seared salmon dish- yum!!
We ordered the 4 person Shogun course meal which came with 4 appetizers, a variety of meats, and smores for dessert. I happily indulged in some slightly raw salmon for the first time in months.. it was heavenly :-)
miso soup and shogun salad
the first cuts of meat brought to the table were the best and most tender/flavorful.
laaaaamb chops!

salmon miso and sweet potato

Some of the meats come plain or pre marinated; you can dip the plain meats in three delicious sauces that are at the table.

I was glad they included veggies but I thought they could have given us some more considering how much meat we were offered.

Sukiyaki bibimbap
I definitely prefer the regular Korean bibimbap because it has more veggies and uses sesame oil, but this was still really good and spicy. 
Super excited about smores for dessert!
We were offered a choice of either milk or dark chocolate; I went with the dark of course, and it was gooey deliciousness! :-) . The whole dining experience was a lot of fun and the service was great so I definitely can see us going back there.