Saturday, 24 March 2012

Great Expectations

This morning, we went to our first pre-baby class that my doctor recommended we attend. It was called Great Expectations and it was all about what to expect when you're about to give birth; what the different phases of labor will be like, how to time your contractions, where to park your car, what to bring to the hospital, and your different birthing options.

The RN who led the class was a witty Australian woman that made a 6 hour class seem like 3. She also knew so much about pregnancy and labor that I thought she was a doctor at first. In between discussions, we watched two videos; the first video showed three women giving birth naturally and the second was a woman who requested an epidural. It's really interesting how different your labor experience can be, depending on which route you choose to take. I've heard that most women who get an epidural these days don't really feel any pain, just a lot of pressure and those that go natural...well that's a whole other story!

All but two women (there were 20 couples or so), me included are wanting to "try" going the natural route. I was a bit surprised at how many were firmly decided on getting an epidural. I thought at least more people would be open to the other option, but I guess not! But after seeing the videos today, I'm rethinking this whole "try" natural thing. I always had in mind that using an epidural would take away from the experience of labor, but really, what would it be taking away? The excruciating pain so you can actually enjoy the process of giving birth? That doesn't sound too bad to me! I feel like having some medication, as long as there are no complications seems to be the more favorable option, at least for me. The only reason I'm leaving it open is because I don't know what my pain threshold will be like and I don't like eliminating a possibility without knowing all the facts.

Recent eats
We made use of a groupon T recently purchased. For $18, you get an appetizer, two entrees, and two beers. Needless to say, I didn't get to drink any beers :(
Chicken wings to start
I ordered the Dutch burger which came on a pretzel roll and had applewood smoked bacon, caramelised onions, and some sort of cheese I forgot the name of. I couldn't finish the burger but it was pretty tasty!
My plate of Chinese delivery that we ordered tonight from Lee's Chop Suey. T wasn't a fan but I thought it was decent. 

Agenda for the night: HIMYM, and an early bed time!