Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Week 32

Our life is slowly returning back to normal because T has finally started work! He's been off since January and he couldn't start his new job til he could clear some conflicts with his previous job. It's been a good week so far. I've been getting up early with the hubby to eat breakfast w. him and then drive him to work. We're taking advantage of the time we have before the baby comes because I don't think I'll be able to drive him to work when G is here. It's also fun for me to venture downtown in the morning as it brings back good memories myself of working downtown. Funny enough, I actually loved working in the city and I loved being apart of the working crowd, sigh.. memories :) Anyways, once I drop him off, I usually get in the habit of reading in bed, falling back asleep til noon, making myself lunch, taking Sonoma to the park, and then reading my book some more. I'm in the middle of a crazy trilogy so I've been reading about 4 hours a day! I'm sure once I'm done reading, I'll find myself once again obsessing over getting ready for the baby. I've already washed most of his clothes and receiving blankets we received from our shower. Fun times!!
During his time off, we got to visit Montrose Dog Beach with our little rascal. I can't wait for the weather to get nice again so I can make a revisit!

 Back to eating. I've been on such a frozen foods kick lately that I thought I would break the habit and buy some more fresh foods for the week. Dinner last night was thinly sliced chicken breast with Famous Dave's seasoning, fresh oven baked asparagus and mac n cheese. The asparagus was seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic pepper and EVOO.

Lunch today was pork tenderloin with steak sauce, leftover mac n cheese, sweet potato (microwaved for 6 minutes and seasoned with cinnamon and maple syrup- YUUM!!!), and zucchini and mushrooms sauteed in siracha, sesame oil, soy sauce, and garlic powder. The pork tenderloin was prepared with Evoo, salt, and pepper and oven baked for 15 minutes.
Little G's movements have been pretty unpredictable since I turned 28 weeks. I hadn't felt him much on a regular basis since turning 28 weeks but once I hit that mark, and the third trimester, it's as if he woke up from a long nap and really started to make his presence known. Often times it's as if he's punching or kicking me, which doesn't hurt at all but is quite amusing. I can feel what appears to be his little hand or feet and if I press on it slightly, he'll move it somewhere else.

As most baby websites say, I've definitely noticed a pattern in his movements. He'll move near the time I wake up, usually 7-8:30 ish and then at night from 9pm on. He hasn't kept me up in the middle of the night, thank God! I also can often see my belly move from the outside and feeling his bigger movements is really mind blowingly awesome. It's just a reminder that there is a little being inside me and it is so surreal! The most frustrating thing about his movements is that whenever I bring someone to my belly to feel him moving, he stops moving completely or does this pathetic one tap thing and doesn't ever continue!! And of course, as if on cue, he continues when the person walks away. What a stubborn little bugger! oh and he must also be psychic because he's moving a crazy ton now as we speak :-)

I've been eating a ton more sweets than usual. Take today for example, oh and yesterday, I had a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cone after lunch and need something sweet usually after every meal (except breakfast).

Still getting full pretty quickly but I notice I'm eating a lot more than my second trimester.

Weight gain
I've gained about 20 pounds so far and I plan to gain about 10 more. My feelings about weight gain are really minimal since I know it's all for the baby, and as cliche as that sounds it couldn't be more true!

Things purchased
Lots of baby toys, swaddles, teether
Just starting to work on this cute baby book we bought from Buy Buy Baby. There's not much I can fill out right now except for details about me and T but it was still fun to peruse what's coming up in the months ahead.
T was able to get off early today from work so we made use of a Groupon he bought for Las Palmas. We've eaten there once and were really impressed with their take on gourmet Mexican food and tonight's dining experience was equally as good and yummy!
The guac there is made tableside and you can decide how spicy you want it-mild, medium, spicy and guess which option we chose- no brainer!
I had their shrimp in a lightly sweet, indescribable yet delicious sauce with fluffy white rice, plantains and grilled pineapple.
T's scallops were perfectly cooked and delicious but I still preferred my dish over his, ha ha! :-)